Snow Removal

Always be prepared for snow!

With Missouri weather, we never know how severe our winter will be. Call today for an estimate on snow removal from your driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.  We can also lay salt to prevent those slick spots!

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We’re COMO Construction and Landscaping, by the way. Not really your ordinary shovelers that scrape 30% of the mounds of ice off your front yards – in fact, you can call us the snow removal professionals of Columbia, MO, if you will. When we say we clear the annoying ice away from your property, we mean it. From your driveways, commercial buildings, sidewalks, and parking lot cleaning – you name it, we’ll clear it ASAP.


We’ve been doing the snow removal service for years now, promising nothing but the quickest, and most expertly handled snow shoveling and plowing in town (maybe even your neighbor had rung our number once or twice). Since we value the satisfaction and convenience of our clients, we make sure that our contacts are available 24/7 and can provide you with our quality services anytime, anywhere in Columbia, on any area size that needs plowing. Pretty straightforward, right?


But before we go any further, you’re probably wondering: “Why do I even need commercial snow removal service right now?”


Firstly, if you want to get rid of that image of yourself tirelessly shoveling away tiny amounts of snow with no end in sight, then this kind of service is just for you. Who doesn’t want an easy way out of that? Especially if you own wide spaces covered with snow that might affect your business. It just gives you the peace of mind knowing that people are out there keeping your properties clear, your businesses open, and pathways accessible without you moving an inch.


We’re talking about on-demand professionals using commercial grade tools and plowing mechanisms, towing away stacks of snow in one swoop before you even know it. Less hassle for you, a cleaner and open space for your properties, and more time to continue going on your operations like nothing happened. Triple the win.


And when you work with us at COMO Construction and Landscaping? Tons of cool benefits are waiting for you at the end of the line. We don’t deliver the topnotch snow removal service in Columbia, MO for nothing.


  1. Experience and Reputation


Nothing beats the assurance of knowing that people who will handle the plowing knows exactly what to do. For years, our team has worked with many clients across Columbia, both homeowners and people with businesses, with varying amounts of snow. Whether you need simple snow shoveling, parking lot snow cleaning or entire ice removal and relocation, our experienced team who’s handled it all is right for any kind of ice management services.


  1. Quick and Efficient


We know that you don’t want the snow covering every space of your properties hanging around any longer, so that’s why we work as quick as our clients want with the appropriate equipment for any given situation. We’ll make sure that our team has all the needed snow removal tools and agents at the ready when we arrive at your doorstep.


  1. Emergency Services


When the going gets tough (or when the snow gets harsher), you’d need to act quickly if you don’t want to be buried under heaps of heavy snow. We offer 24/7 emergency services for unexpected snow surges and you’d want to keep your business going. One call and you’d have each of our commercial snow removal services right at your disposal.


  1. Quality tools and equipment


The plowing, shoveling, and relocation equipment that we use are thoroughly researched by our team to ensure that your properties are safe, all while delivering the best snow removal services that our team can provide. 


  1. Licensed and insured


If your worries are still there, then we’re glad to tell you that COMO construction and landscaping doesn’t just offer random parking lot cleaning for the gig – we’re licensed and insured to build our client trust and to perform our work professionally.


“What services can you provide?”


Anything that has to do with the troublesome accumulation of snow – our team of professionals is there for the job.


We offer snow plowing and shoveling, removing the blankets of snow covering your buildings from the front to the back, however large the space might be. Our commercial snow removal and sidewalk shoveling is one of our in-demand ice management services among business owners, clearing out the fronts, driveways, pavements, and everything else to make them more accessible to customers. If you don’t want a hint of snow in your surroundings, you can hit us up with snow hauling and relocation.


Either way, prepare to say goodbye to all the icy troubles.


Contact us for professional snow removal services today!


All there’s left is for you to whip out that phone and give us a call. You’re free to choose from a range of our quality services and fill out the form for a free instant quote! If you really want to experience a good snow plowing like you’ve never had before, quick and efficient cleaning from the excellent snow removal company in Columbia, MO, then the answers are right in front of you. We’re excited to show you why we’re the best choice for your needs.